Tebbe Schöningh | Director of Photography |

Feature film 
Argentina 2013, 91min                       watch trailer

directed by Juan Martin Hsu

executive producer: G. Rothschild, Ignacio Rey
cinematography: Tebbe Schöningh
film editor: Ana Remon
art director: Angie Frinchaboy
sound director: Nicolas Torchinsky
production company: Sudestada Cine, Zebra

La Salada is a patchwork depicting the experience of new immigrants in Argentina told through three stories that take place in La Salada – the largest informal market in Argentina.
A group of characters, from different ethnic origins, struggles against loneliness and uprooting.
A Korean father and his daughter, traditional and conservative individuals, are preparing for an arranged marriage. As the date approaches, the girl has second thoughts.
A young Bolivian man comes to Argentina seeking for a job and the chance to settle down. This is not an easy task, but he meets some characters who will help him achieve his goal.
A Taiwanese man, who sells DVDs, lives alone and has his family living in Taiwan. He is looking for a partner to share his lonely nights.

awards & nominations:

san sebastian film festival
cine en construcción 2013
toronto iff
official selection 2014
aacaa argentina

nominee best first work 2015
argentinean film critics association awards
winner silver condor 2016
BAFICI festival

nominee best film 2014
festival tres fronteras
best editing 2014
best cinematography 2014
gramado film festival

best feature 2015
tandil cine

best editing 2014